Global Software Development

Global software development (GSD) has become an extremely important issue for organizations in recent years given the increasing tendency towards globalization and global outsourcing. A number of studies have been conducted which have identified a set of problematic areas which are common across projects, including language and cultural differences, trust factors, communication across temporal and spatial distances, lack of shared contextual awareness. (Boland & Fitzgerald 2004; Holmstrom et al 2008).

Our GSD research has been conducted in the following streams:

  • Extent of realisation of Benefits of GSD– The problems of GSD are indicated above, but organizations are keen to pursue due to the expectation of benefit ssuch as the following: reduced development costs due to lower wage costs; reduced cycle time arising from ‘follow-the-sun’ software development across time-zones; new opportunities for cross-site modularization of development work; access to a larger and better-skilled developer pool; innovation and shared best practice; and closer proximity to markets and customers. However our research suggests that these benefits are not easy to realize (e.g. (Agerfalk et al 2008; Holmstrom et al 2006; O Conchuir et al 2009)
  • Agile GSD– initial suggestions by both agile advocates and plan-driven supporters suggested that agile methods were not suited to distributed development environments. However, this has now been largely overturned with many studies confirming successful agile GSD (e.g. (Agerfalk & Fitzgerald 2006; Agerfalk et al 2009; Holmstrom et al 2006)



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