Agile Methods

bannerResearchBased on my experience in as a professional software developer, I have long been interested in software development methods. This was the focus of my PhD and an early working paper on the limitations of plan-driven/waterfall methods was written in 1993, with a conference paper  (Fitzgerald 1994) and a subsequent journal paper  (Fitzgerald 1996).

This research has been conducted in the following streams:

  • Agile Methods including the ‘a la carte’ tailoring of agile methods at Intel, (Fitzgerald et al 2006)
  • Agile methods in regulated environments – the final frontier for agile methods which were initially proposed as being suited to (1) snall project for (2) co-located teams in (3) non-critical environments. A paper at the ICSE SEIP track, Fitzgerald et al (2013) presents a case study of R-Scrum (Regulated Scrum), a term we coined to describe the tailoring of Scrum to meet the needs of a regulated environment. Other terms coined in this study include Continuous Compliance and Living Traceability.



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